Before Kyle, 30, came to Odyssey House, he had been struggling with his drinking and cocaine use for 10 years.

He had tried multiple short-term programs but did not get the support he needed, and he continued to relapse despite his best efforts to stay sober.

Residential Rehab for Adults NYC After entering the Odyssey House Manor, Kyle has found exactly what he was looking for: a sober environment that could provide him with the resources needed to maintain a lasting recovery, and assistance with pursuing stable housing and job opportunities. Kyle is also learning to readjust to social settings after a decade of isolation. To stay active and physically healthy, Kyle has joined two of our fitness programs: the softball team and our Run for Your Life group.

“The fitness programs at Odyssey House really help me stay focused on my recovery, especially running. Exercise helps clear my head and relieve stress, so I can concentrate on treatment.”


Our programs are highly structured, peer-driven communities designed to help clients acquire the skills to lead healthy, drug-free lives.


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Nothing will change if I don’t change, and change starts here.
My recovery affects more than just me. I have to do the right by my daughter.

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