When Jasmine, 25, entered Odyssey House Lafayette Avenue, she doubted the program would benefit her.

By the time she completed treatment, she knew it was the place she needed. This was her chance to learn how to live a substance-free life, and she worked her treatment plan to get the most out of it.

Girls-JasmineAs someone who suppressed her emotions, Jasmine discovered that this program taught her how to listen to her feelings and work through them. While she was initially reluctant to do so, she understood that her peers had the same concerns and found comfort in their shared struggles. By finding this common ground and connecting with her peers, Jasmine was able to trust the program.

Her next steps are her proudest yet as she transfers into our Family Reentry program, where she will begin training to be a Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC), something she has wanted to do since reaching her one-year mark of sobriety.

“I want to show others that recovery is real. And I know that becoming a counselor will strengthen my own recovery.”

Young Adults

Our gender-specific, residential programs are highly structured, peer-driven communities designed to help young adults acquire the skills to lead healthy, drug-free lives.


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I’ve already noticed how my behavior and attitude have changed for the better.
I never want to disappoint myself or my family again, so I’m making each day in treatment count.

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