“When you feel good, you begin to believe in yourself. And when you believe in yourself, you can accomplish things you never imagined.”

Odyssey House clients who participate in our fitness and wellness programs tell us the same thing all of the time. And that makes us feel pretty good, too, because we think becoming healthy, staying active, and eating well all contribute to a more successful recovery—and a richer, fuller life.

Research and our personal experience with countless Odyssey House clients prove the point. That’s why we continue to expand our health and fitness offerings and encourage Odyssey House grads to maintain healthy, active lifestyles.


As a client in our residential treatment program, you’ll have access to well-equipped gym facilities, including exercise equipment and weights, and organized activities including softball, basketball, yoga, and Pilates.

A certified trainer can work with you to develop a personalized fitness plan and help you track your progress. If weight loss is one of your goals, some of our clients have lost 40, 50, and even 100 pounds, restoring their energy and reducing their risk of diabetes and other diseases. Program participants also report feeling more confident and less stressed, strengthening their resolve to resist drugs and alcohol in recovery.

Our popular Run for Your Life program brings residents of all ages together several times a week to walk or run in New York’s Central Park. Many of our clients and grads—some who had never run before coming to Odyssey House—go on to run in the New York City Marathon.

Children of residents can run, jump, and play, and families can enjoy time together, at the playground and recreation area of our Family Center of Excellence.


Alcohol and drugs can prevent your body from absorbing essential nutrients and breaking down and expelling toxins. As a client in our residential program, you’ll have access to healthy meals that help repair those damaged functions, restore your energy, and help you to feel stronger and think more positively.

On-site nutrition classes will help you learn more about food and nutrition, and bring those lessons home to improve the health and happiness of your entire family.

What are Odyssey House’s residential programs like?

Our residential treatment programs provide you with a caring environment to start your life over without the pressures that tore it down.


Does Odyssey House provide medical and dental care?

Yes, we provide comprehensive medical and dental care services to our residential treatment clients.


Recovery includes engaging in regular physical activity and taking responsibility for your health.

Kyle: Brooklyn
The fitness programs at Odyssey House really help me stay focused on my recovery.
Pat: Bronx
Playing on the softball team helped strengthen my relationship with my peers.