For Adults

If you’re tired of trying to beat drugs and alcohol on your own, or if you tried other programs and relapsed, Odyssey House can show you a better way.

Our integrated, personalized residential treatment programs focus on your total well-being and include medical and dental care, health and fitness programs, cultural and recreational activities, education and job support, day care, and other services.

At Odyssey House, you’ll become part of a highly structured, peer-driven community designed to help you re-establish your emotional strength and acquire the skills to lead a healthy, drug-free life.

Once you complete your program, we’ll work with you to find transitional or permanent housing. And you can always depend on Odyssey House for peer-group support and outpatient services to help you maintain the life you desire for your family—without drugs or alcohol.


  • Flexible, enhanced treatment with individualized lengths of stay
  • Focus on group treatment with community responsibility and accountability
  • On-site licensed primary medical and dental clinics, HIV testing and counseling
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Anger management and relapse prevention
  • Adult Basic Education and High School Equivalency (HSE/TASC) test prep
  • Job training and employment assistance
  • Fitness and wellness and cultural activities
  • Housing support, including: community residence, independent scattered-site housing, or community-based skilled nursing facilities
  • Discharge planning, including: peer support network; individual and group therapy

Odyssey House treatment programs for adults employ evidence-based treatment services, including Motivational Enhancement Therapy; Trauma, Recovery and Empowerment; and Nurturing Parent Program for Families in Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery.

What makes Odyssey House’s treatment programs different?

Odyssey House is a recognized leader in a proven and holistic form of treatment called integrated behavioral health care.


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