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Our Purpose

We don’t need to tell you: New York City is one of the toughest places in the world to find safe, affordable housing. So how are you supposed to start your life over if you can’t find a place to live?

Our purpose is to help you level that playing field—and to provide every individual we serve with an opportunity to live life with dignity and respect. We believe stable housing is an essential foundation for a healthy, independent life.

Odyssey House provides a growing number of safe, supportive housing options to meet the permanent and transitional housing needs of families and individuals who are participating in, or have completed, our treatment program. We also provide permanent housing to formerly homeless families and individuals, including many with special needs or disabilities.

To help our clients maintain healthy, substance-free lives, we also provide ongoing clinical, educational, and counseling services—both on-site and through our comprehensive outpatient services program.

Odyssey House’s commitment to housing assistance has proven to not only enhance our clients’ recovery, it also helps to reduce hospital and health care costs, increase housing equity for disadvantaged individuals, and rebuild NYC neighborhoods.

Can Odyssey House help me find work, too?

We provide a wide range of education and job training services to help you find and maintain stable employment in recovery.


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