2015 Annual Report

Annual Report


Shared Journeys

Living in recovery is about committing to being your best self. It’s about knowing when to get help to prevent a relapse and understanding that challenges are part of the journey. It’s about knowing where to go for help that is safe, supportive, and positive. The stories you’ll read in this annual report are from people who believe in sharing their recovery. For them, and all of the people we help each year, Odyssey House is where recovery lives.

Annual Report 2012


Commitment to a Cause

Helping people with substance use disorders and mental health challenges rebuild their lives requires a special kind of commitment. It’s a commitment that demands resiliency, gives hope, rewards effort, and embraces challenges. It’s the kind of commitment that puts people first and expects the best from everyone. This year’s annual report explores how Odyssey House is maintaining high treatment standards in the face of a changing environment.

Annual Report


Life Changing Recovery

Odyssey House recognizes that recovery is a process and that while it is different for every individual, the goals are the same: abstinence from addictive substances, improved health and wellness, independence and engagement in family and community life. In this annual report, we look at how our programs and services prepare people to embrace health, create a home, find purpose, and foster community.

Annual Report 2010


Where Recovery Lives and Lives are Changed

Where Recovery Lives and Lives are Changed is a recurrent theme at Odyssey House and guides everything we do to help people lead more fulfilling and productive lives. This year’s annual report reflects our continued evolution as a comprehensive social services organization where vulnerable individuals and families are helped to overcome problems stemming from substance abuse, medical and mental illnesses, and homelessness.

Annual Report


Measuring Success

At Odyssey House helping clients stay drug-free is the critical measure of our success. When an individual with a substance use disorder turns to us for help we immediately seize the opportunity to save a life and reclaim a family. For the men, women, and children in our treatment programs, the implications of this decision to take control of their lives could not be more serious. In this annual report, we present the key measurements that help us ensure the delivery of effective, high-quality services for the people we serve.

Annual Report 2008


The Power of Partnerships

One of the fundamental treatment concepts at Odyssey House is “You can do it, but you can’t do it alone.” Staff and participants in our residential and outpatient programs repeat this phrase several times a day to remind ourselves that we are stronger together and that we all need partners to support, challenge, and guide us. This year’s annual report profiles just a few of these critical partnerships that support men, women, and children in recovery at Odyssey House.

Annual Report 2007


Embracing Total Wellness

Total wellness begins with the innovative services that Odyssey House has been pioneering for more than 40 years. Total wellness is taking responsibility for your health; learning to care for diabetes and other chronic illnesses; eating right and exercising; and expressing yourself creatively. In this report, we explore the many ways in which Odyssey House embraces total wellness as key to a full recovery from substance abuse.

Annual Report 2008


Believing in Change

As Odyssey House celebrates 40 years of public service to New Yorkers with substance abuse and mental health problems, we reflect on the challenges earlier generations faced in rebuilding their lives, how much these men and women taught us about determination and hope, and what more we can do to lessen the deadly toll addiction continues to take on the lives of thousands of New Yorkers.

Annual Report 2005


 Changes That Last a Lifetime

Treatment services at Odyssey House are about helping people change. For pregnant women seeking treatment, change starts with a healthy, drug-free baby. For parents in treatment with their young children, change starts with peace of mind, knowing their children are safe. For teens struggling to resist drugs and peer pressure, change starts with expert guidance. And for older adults who feel alone in their addiction, change starts with peer support and acceptance.

Annual Report 2004


Strength in Community

Men, women, and teens who enter treatment are immersed in a supportive community of peers who work together to achieve a sustained sobriety under the guidance of professional substance abuse counselors. Known as a “therapeutic community,” this social learning methodology is the basis of Odyssey House’s successful long-term treatment model. In this annual report we celebrate the powerful role community plays in enriching the lives of men and women in recovery.

Annual Report 2003


Leading Men, Women, and Children to a Drug-Free Life

The recovery process begins as soon as men, women, and children walk through the doors of Odyssey House. Intensive residential and outpatient treatment programs equip our residents with what they need to move beyond drug addiction and mental illness and become successful members of society. This report describes the programs we have tailor-made to meet their needs and the New York communities we serve.

Annual Report 2002


35 Years of Innovation

Since our inception 35 years ago, Odyssey House has grown tremendously. What began as a small program primarily treating adult drug abusers has grown into a large organization with eight separate sites, more than 300 employees, and the capacity to treat more than 900 people. Our growth has been both consistent and measured. In this report, we want to introduce you to some of the men and women we have helped to live drug-free, productive lives.