Individuals in our programs work together and help each other overcome their drug and alcohol problems, creating an interdependent community of compassionate support.

As an Odyssey House client, you’ll become a member of that community for life. That’s because when you complete treatment, you’ll continue to have access to Odyssey House’s recovery network of fellow alumnae through the Odyssey House Recovery Oriented Care System—or OHROCS.

OHROCS-trained volunteers know from their own personal experiences the difficulties you’ve overcome, as well as the even bigger challenge of staying clean and sober in recovery. In addition to providing personal coaching and mentoring, the OHROCS team keeps you connected to ongoing Odyssey House outpatient programs, support groups, and counseling to help you transition from treatment to independent living.

OHROCS is your lifetime lifeline to a community of support that will help you stay motivated and focused on your goals, regardless of what challenges come your way. Known as peer-to-peer (or peer-based) recovery support, programs like OHROCS not only help individuals maintain a drug- and alcohol-free life; they’ve also been shown to improve social connectedness, self-image, and quality of life.

Can Odyssey House help me find housing?

Odyssey House provides a variety of housing assistance services to help our clients maintain healthy, substance-free lives.


Will Odyssey House always be there for me?

We’re New Yorkers like you are and we’ve been helping our fellow neighbors beat drugs and alcohol for 50 years.